Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apsan Mountain

This is the 4th Monday that we have been in the mountains-this one overlooks Daegu-we can see the communications tower from where we live. At the base of the Mountain is also Camp Walker-We were surprised to see so many Koreans hiking on a Monday-where we, took the Tram to get to the top, most of them just hike up the Mountain!!! At the base of the Mountain is a park that has outdoor exercise equipment-all kinds, even a self back massager!! We also met a family from Scotland on the Mt. Their son Craig is an English teacher here in Daegu.

Sisters Conference-Hike on the Mountain

The time goes by too fast when you are having so much fun!! Sister Jennings-thanks for such a yummy Breakfast- it was a day to remember-the Mountain was Beautiful-The Tram ride was awesom. The South Gate- part of the Fortress wall was great for a backdrop for a group picture' everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!!

Busan Mission Sisters Conference

Elder and Sister Egberts 1st Sister conference-Thanks to Elder and Sister Anderson for a place to stay-It was so much fun to see just the Sisters be together-President and Sister Jennings were Delightful. Lots of food-Devotional-Singing- and Skits, and Great hike the next day!!

Korean Chusok Celebration

Chusok is like Thanksgiving and Christmas combined-traditional dresses come out and so do all the Cars.

Branch Social at the Abbotts

Our Branch has been growing-thanks to all those who brought such yummy food!!! It was our own version of Chusok-Harvest Festival.

Look What We Found!!!

Ruthie made me do it!!!!-Take pictures of these!!

Donghwasa Temple

It is so fun to be with the younger generation of Missionaries-we have been hiking every Monday for a Month now-this was an amazing day!!

District Seoul Temple Day

Thanks to Elder and Sister Jenson for their hospitality and friendship-We had a special 12 hour day at the Temple-it was amazing.

Haeinsa Temple Outing

The surroundings of this temple were beautiful-We always like some of the pictures hand painted on the buildings.

Haeinsa Temple excursion

September has been a busy month-we enjoyed being with the Abbott family and friends on this Adventure. the Haeinsa Temple is one of the foremost Budhist Temples in South Korea. It is most notable for being the home of the Buddhist Scriptures carved onto 81,258 wooden printing blocks, which it has housed since 1398.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busan Mission Conference

Wow!!! What an amazing group of Missionaries-especially the Senior Couples!!!