Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daegu Zoo

Lots of Friends at the Zoo today-this is too much fun. We loved the Family statue-the Korean Children are Dressed in school uniforms and the Park was full!! We made lots of Friends and it was a perfect Missionary Day!!

BYU Wind Symphony Orchestra-12 May 2009

It was quite the performance-BYU in Daegu Korea-amazing!!! The Concert Hall was packed-We were very forunate to be able to attend. Dr. Kim got tickets for our Bible class and Dr. Kang
brought her sister. It is always good to see the Abbott Family-they had a friend they knew while living in Hawaii that was one of the performers. It was good to see Jacob, Courtney, Whitney and Jared again.

Family Night with the Bae family

We really enjoy the Bae family-It has been a pleasure to get to know them this past year!! We visited and got acquainted with 4 of the students that are on tour with the BYU Wind Symphony Orchestra-Jared, Jacob, Whitney and Courtney. It was a fun evening!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Les Miseables Production-Daegu American School

Wow-We attended both Friday and Saturday performances-It was amazing-We had a lot of our members in the Play and were so proud of the School-especially Britta for being such a great Teacher. The Lambert family gave all of their time and support also. It really was a Milestone for the School!!! Our Mission President and Sister Jennings along with the Andersons came clear from Busan to see it .