Monday, December 21, 2009

30 July 09 Oquirh Temple and Lani's Baby Shower

Wow a busy day-Jared and Liz had tickets for us to go see the Open house of the Oquirh Temple,it was wonderful. Caleb was very good and we saw Tyler Anderson with his family there. That afternoon the Family had a Baby shower for Lani-she is so cute. Caleb loves the Turtle that we brought back from Korea.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

29 July Home Sweet Home

Wow Caleb looks like Me!!! It is so good to get reacquainted with our family!! And they are all so amazing and have accomplished so much while we have been gone. Our home survived and thanks to everyone who has worked to get it ready for our return. Thanks especially to Randy and Jenna>

28 July 09 Coming HomeSLC Airport

As of now we don't have any pictures of everyone meeting us at the Airport, We were so busy hugging and kissing everyone. 1st time to see Jared and Liz's little Caleb. It was so unreal to really be home again!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

27July President Song and Sister Yang

What a day-it all started with Breakfast and then President Song and Sister Yang picked us up at the Hotel-Namsan Market-the Tower- The Fish Market and then they took us to their favorite restaurant. It was so good to see them again. Tomorrow we catch the plane for America and Home.

26 July- District meeting

The last picture of us and the Branch members, at District Conference in Seoul. It was really different to know that for some we would never see them again. We will try to stay in touch and there is always facebook. Just remember families can be together forever and so can friends be together forever!!!! Thanks to Richard Beckwith and Angela for the ride back to the Hilton-Great picture of them!!!

25 July Dragon Hill Dinner

Wow-The last 18 months has gone by way too fast. We were given a Branch scrapbook with everyones thoughts and appreciations for Elder and Sister Egbert. We both had a chance to express our feelings of thankfulness and being so greatful for such a wonderful experience of serving others in a land so far away. Thanks everyone for being so loving and thoughtful and kind.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

25 July HeonJong Palace with friends

HeonJong Palace-the secret Garden was amazing-especially when we had a great bunch to go through with!!! We cannot believe this is the Last Saturday in Korea-We have totally enjoyed being in Seoul each month and the Adventures with all of our Branch members.