Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Missionary Highlights

We are so glad to be on a Mission here in Daegu Korea, we love our District and Zone meetings, our responsibilities differ from the Younger Missionaries but it is so good to get to know each and everyone of them!! They are a great example for us!! We love to spend time with our Branch members-Vance calls me Elder Bear!!!

Great Friends

JiHee has been so patient with us, she has been our Korean teacher for the last six months. The interns work for 6 months at the ACS. Miss Chae has been a lot of fun. We had our last class out to lunch at a nearby Restaurant!! We will miss her stories!!!


Valentines Day-is always a fun time of year, especially when our anniversary is the day before!!!!
27 years and it has gone by way too fast. Ruthie and I are having too much fun I guess-Nah you can never have Too Much Fun!!! Just a few pictures-Carol Jensen -a wonderful neighbor at home-sent us a great Valentine-The Young Women in the Branch and Annie Gave our apartment door a Heart attack and even made us a plate of heart cookies. Our two little neighbors love Elder and Sister Egbert, they love the attention we give them!!! Oh ya the 5 generation picture is amazing, Stephanie is now 15.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seoul Korea

I cannot believe that February is here already!!! We have decided that District Temple day in Seoul is one of the Highlights of our Mission here in Korea. It is so fun to meet the new Senior Missionary couples and we are always stretching in learning new jobs in serving others. We have an early Saturday meeting with the District Presidency so we usually take the KTX and arrive in Seoul the Friday before. This gives us time to see a few things before we go and stay overnight at the temple. The National Museum was extraordinary-and very educational.

Jeju Island

At the end of January-Lunar New Year everything shuts down-the Korean people close most everything and celebrate the New Year-They have very strong traditions and family ties. Being here in a Foreign land has really been an education for Both of us. Jejudo is famous for their oranges and tangerines-Sister Egbert and myself are on our 3rd box already this winter. It was so surprising to have fresh snow when we visited there. I have missed the snow in Utah more than I wanted to admit!!! We got to make a dinner date with Elder Ensing and his companion-the Pizzas were great. I noticed that elder Ensings shoes were cracked in half-both of them-I asked what size and he said a 12-guess what they are very hard to find in korea. Large sizes are just about non-existent. But it just so happens that Elder Egbert has the same size. In fact at home I remembered that I had two pair that were a little large for me and within 2 days President Jennings Delivered them down to him. Just another Tender Mercie that we see so much of!!!