Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great Pictures

We have had a great week!! Zone conferences are always spiritually enlightening-But it is always hard when its time for some to return home!! On the way there in our neighborhood we go by art schools and the "I Love You" balloons are in front of a Taekwando school!!

Ice Skating

By the River there are tents set up and we couldn't stand it any longer-we had to visit the Ice Skating Rink-it is a big deal-there were mostly Families having a lot of fun on the Ice. There were 4 or 5 big generators or freezer units to keep the rink frozen. So even on the warm days the rink will stay frozen!! The tents are mostly enclosed where you can get some Hot food-Koreans love to socialize and eat at the same time!! The Christmas lights are still up-Their Lunar New Year will be on the 26th of January-that starts the New Year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowy and Cold

It has been a great day!! First time to see the snow stick to the ground-We caught a cab to go to the Suseong chapel for a Missionary Zone meeting-the roads were icy and slick-Koreans are not accustom to it so they drove very slow!! It is always great to spend time with the other Missionaries-they are a lot younger than we are. After lunch we took the Subway to Jungungyo and had a street meeting, I think everyone that stopped enjoyed the Hot Chocolate, notice the McDonald's sign!!

January Snow

We awoke this morning and everything was sort of white!! It just doesn't snow here in
Daegu so we had to hurry and take a couple of pictures.
We are glad to have Brian and Luz back from New Zealand-they brought some yummy treats-one was Ruth and John's Licorice (RJ"S).
Ruth looks so Korean in this Bear hat-We just might have to get one for her!!
My Grandma Jaques always saved the buttons off of worn out clothes she had a big bag of extra buttons-I would as a child thread and just have fun with the many colors and sizes-I had forgotten about that until we ran into the "button" Store!! Can anyone guess what the 2nd picture is-This was a gift from Lani!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Brand New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!! On the 2nd and 3rd of January we held our District Youth
Conference in Seoul, Seoul is where the Temple is located, about 250 miles North of us here in Daegu. Sister Egbert and myself were very fortunate to be invited to be just a small part of this
great conference for our Youth and we are very appreciative!! As A Senior Missionary couple we gave a class on cooking and sewing on buttons!! Everyone received a copy of the Busan Mission receipe book and we demonstrated how to make a great microwave chocolate cake using Luz,s Chocolate Cake Receipe. We had a great time and thanks to everyone it was a lot of fun!!