Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksggiving Branch Social

We would like to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving-We started a bit early here in Korea but why not!! The funnest thing in the world is to spend time eating with those people you care about. Just spending time with others and working together is wonderful. We had a great turnout with about 70 People. Thanks to the area Missionaries that helped set up-we used every table in the whole building. Luz made this great Turkey that after you wrote down on a big colorful feather, what you were thankful for you could pin it on him!! We as Missionaries were very proud of the Branch members for having such a great dinner and get together.

Daegu City Tour-4of 4 stops

For 5,000 won or $3.50 equivalent you get an all day tour-how can you beat that-plus there are a lot of new people on the bus that after a whole day these Koreans get to really like you!!! They all love to share whatever they have-we had chocolate pretzels and A sweet rice cake that was very good, We like to bring extra things too but it is hard to outgive a Korean!!

Daegu City Tour-3of 4 stops

We stopped at the Hwawon Resort for lunch-Brother Cook and Ruthie and I brought our own lunch. On these tours you never know what is available so it is better if you just take a sack lunch. This stop was overlooking a River and quite a hike to the other end to where there was a tower looking back at Daegu from the west. The swimming pool was huge and they have a small Zoo-no one was there this time of year. The trees were beautiful and the leaves are falling fast. Brother cook is fun to be with-We kind of had to twist his arm to get him to go with us!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daegu City Tour-2of 4 stops

We were in for a surprise on this one-we have been here before but this time they were having a Flower Festival-Mostly Chrysanthemums-and Mums-I never knew they had so many colors or kinds!!! They were absolutely georgeous.

Daegu City Tour-1of 4 stops

Wolgok history museum was buildt to pay tribute to the achievements of Wolgok Woo Bae-seon, who organized a militia corps to fight against the Japanese during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. Our tour guide for the day must be a direct descendent-he looks just like the picture!! The Koreans to survive had to hide and store their harvests of Rice!! There were lots of school children there also-They had more fun playing in the Autumn Leaves.

Apsan Mountain

As Misssionaries- Sister Egbert and I walk a lot-every day-but on our P-Days sometimes we even hike a lot- especially before the weather gets real cold and this fall has been wonderful the Fall colors are so Brilliant and alive. Apsan Mountain is just South of Camp Walker-a Tram will take you to the top and you can look down and see all of Camp Walker-Henry-George and Daegu city. Ruthie really likes chocolate-I think everybody does-hiking snacks are good!!!