Monday, November 24, 2008

Daegu City Tour-4of 4 stops

For 5,000 won or $3.50 equivalent you get an all day tour-how can you beat that-plus there are a lot of new people on the bus that after a whole day these Koreans get to really like you!!! They all love to share whatever they have-we had chocolate pretzels and A sweet rice cake that was very good, We like to bring extra things too but it is hard to outgive a Korean!!

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Josie & Shawn Hines said...

I see you too have experienced something few people have. I lived at Camp Walker in 1998 and have just recently returned from Ulsan (just south of Daegu). My family (wife+3kids)were teaching in Ulsan and stayed a year. We loved it. I'm wondering what brings you to that side of the planet?