Tuesday, December 15, 2009

23 July-Last District meeting-Dr. Kim and Dr. Kang

The last Thursday was unbelieveable-District meeting-plus we cooked lunch for everyone-ended up with more than we needed so Sister Rix came by and took the leftovers to the Austins at the Lodge!! It was good to meet Kwana's mother who was visiting.
That evening we were invited to Dr. Kim's home for dinner -there we met his wife and son and daughter. His wife taught English and she totally consumed the time with her serving dinner and talking-they love to speak English when they get the opportunity. We grew to be very good friends over the last few months and cherish their relationship and friendships. We will miss Dr. Kim and Dr. Kang.
Luz and Brian are always saving us-they helped us clean out the Fridge so we didn't have that to worry about-I don't know what we would ever done without those two!!!!
The last picture was a mother and daughter cooking team!! My favorite food in Korea was the squid and stuffed green peppers battered and deep fried. These two ladies would light up everytime we passed their place sometimes everyday!!
Neighbors-the two little girls were our favorites- and we also had a lot of fun with our Korean teacher and friend Jin Bin and her Boyfriend!!

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