Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January Snow

We awoke this morning and everything was sort of white!! It just doesn't snow here in
Daegu so we had to hurry and take a couple of pictures.
We are glad to have Brian and Luz back from New Zealand-they brought some yummy treats-one was Ruth and John's Licorice (RJ"S).
Ruth looks so Korean in this Bear hat-We just might have to get one for her!!
My Grandma Jaques always saved the buttons off of worn out clothes she had a big bag of extra buttons-I would as a child thread and just have fun with the many colors and sizes-I had forgotten about that until we ran into the "button" Store!! Can anyone guess what the 2nd picture is-This was a gift from Lani!!!

1 comment:

Mrs. Egg said...

is it a liahona?

Also, that cute bear hat did they have hello kitty? Those were really cute.