Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday and Monday 5-6 July

We love our Daegu Military Branch-great picture of Sister Egbert!! Monday started out by going to the bank to make a Deposit-last months rent!! Close to the bank is Sister Egberts favorite store for ----------and next to that was an antique shop. Can anyone guess what is in the picture besides the two brass bells?? It is a head rest-not only do real Koreans sleep on the floor but this is a head rest-their pillow!!
We also crossed another place off the list-Bullo-dong Park. We have seen pictures-drove by the area on the bus several times, but today is the day. We took the Subway out to Arangyo subway stop-caught a cab got him going across the bridge and he got all frustrated because we don't speak Korean!! Finally we see a Bullo-dong Tomb sign and then we were ok-it takes a lot of faith to do what we do every day!! It was so different than what I had imagined-after touring a few private gardens we figured out how to find the tombs.
The sky was overcast, it was quiet, we were the only ones there, and there were lots of wild flowers and 210 mounds of georgeous green grass where peoples from long ago are entombed!!
On the way back we walked down through a neighborhood to catch a city bus-thats when we seen the motorcycle with the air horns and speakers-1st one of those!! The bus was full but it got us back to the subway stop-pictures of the Arangyo Bridge and all of the flowers.
Last picture of the day-95,000 Won Oxtails!!

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James and Tracy + 5 said...

Great pictures.
I need a bike like that! Big horn and big tunes!