Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jeju Island

At the end of January-Lunar New Year everything shuts down-the Korean people close most everything and celebrate the New Year-They have very strong traditions and family ties. Being here in a Foreign land has really been an education for Both of us. Jejudo is famous for their oranges and tangerines-Sister Egbert and myself are on our 3rd box already this winter. It was so surprising to have fresh snow when we visited there. I have missed the snow in Utah more than I wanted to admit!!! We got to make a dinner date with Elder Ensing and his companion-the Pizzas were great. I noticed that elder Ensings shoes were cracked in half-both of them-I asked what size and he said a 12-guess what they are very hard to find in korea. Large sizes are just about non-existent. But it just so happens that Elder Egbert has the same size. In fact at home I remembered that I had two pair that were a little large for me and within 2 days President Jennings Delivered them down to him. Just another Tender Mercie that we see so much of!!!

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