Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Temple Day

We love the Seoul Temple-Angel Moroni with the Magnolia Blossoms turned out great-The Temple visits is one of the Main Highlights of our Mission here in Korea. At the Temple we met 5 Elders that were getting ready to go Home-I still need to emal the picture to each of them.
We met the Previous Elder Park on the streets and he now is Brother Park - he has only been home for a week or two. We stopped by a flower shop-Le Anns and she is a member-we had fun talking to her because she speaks very good English. Just a few other pictures-We really liked the EggStar Photo!!! The Dental Building reminded us of Shelly's Husband Mark who is a Dentist!!

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Mrs. Egg said...

I like that Egg Star that is awesome. I am glad you took a pic by it. Love it!