Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday number 39

March 14 was a very fun, enjoyable and busy day!! Thanks to everyone who Remembered!!!! And we still Love all of you who Forgot!! The years are going by at 62 miles per hour now. Just a few pictures to tell the story. Optometrist - new glasses-Trifocals this time!!! Brian and Luz are always teaching and being such good examples for us, they ordered in a Chinese Dinner and I am so glad they couldn't find all of the candles for the Birthday Cake!! They are so much fun.
Brother Elvis Meti was the best gift-He was Baptized that evening and right after- the Branch Members and Missionaries went out to Dinner and celebrated his Baptism. It was a remarkable day-I miss all of the family back home but We also make home where ever We Are!! Thanks again everyone for making this such a Great Year!! Thanks Sister Rix for the Red Velvet Birthday Cake!!

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