Monday, May 18, 2009

Zone Conference-April 28

To be Spiritually Healthy you need to be Physically and Mentally Healthy!! Dr. Meade and Dr. Brown and their wives came and spoke on that very thing. Dr. Meade a Psychologist-Stress-LEarn how to: Relax, manage your time well and Avoid Perfectionism!!! Emphasized that we cannot do any better than our BEST!!! Dr. Brown a Retired Orthopedic Surgeon-Emphasized to be able to make every day count we need to be physically healthy-he quoted President Hinckley,"I thank the Lord for eyes to see, and mouth to speak and feet to carry me-To teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!"
We are going to miss Sister Jensen and Elder Thorley-Amazing Missionaries-They have prepared well-even though they are leaving Korea-they will be Amazing Missionaries forever!!
To be physically Healthy you have to Eat Well Right!!!

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